Wahoo's Family

Lisa and Stan FAirbanks



Restaurant & Bar

About Us

Wahoo’s is our home away from home and we take a lot of pride in being hospitable hosts!  Our aim is to provide you a great place with great food made only with the freshest ingredients, great service and a great place to spend time with family and friends! 

We are very blessed to have a core team who have been with us for the last few years.  Our team, our Wahoo Family, really care about our business and you can tell!  Much of our success has come from their commitment!  Another part of our Wahoo Family are the regulars who call Wahoo's home too!  Our community, locals and winter guests alike, are what make Wahoo's really special!  You're only a stranger once!

We bread all our chicken, we make all our own pizza dough and pizza sauce, we make our own ranch dressing and salsa, we make our own tortilla bowls and shred our own cheese.  Our bread is made fresh daily at Capistrano’s Bakery.  All our burgers are 100% pure Angus beef (DNA pure).  Our buffalo is from Nebraska, is corn fed and truly amazing! We cut our own cabbage for our family slaw recipe.  We cut all our fresh vegetables in house to ensure you are getting only the best quality. 

We provide hugs for free (well, Lisa does!)

Our job is to make your belly happy and your heart full!

From our hearts to your belly!  Please enjoy! God Bless!

Stan and Lisa Fairbanks, Owners